Shooter At Large

Steve Stephens shot an elderly man in the head while broadcasting it on facebook live. The man was walking home from Easter dinner with his children and ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time and because of that he lost his life – on Easter. This killer, Steve Stephens, has said he has killed more then a dozen other people (none of which have been located/confirmed, yet). He is at large. They believe he may be in PA, NY, Indiana or Michigan.

Rest in Peace to the elderly man Robert Godwin Sr., 74 (lived in Ohio) who was senselessly murdered by a monster :( God bless him and his family and all who loved him dearly.

AN UPDATE: after a police pursuit, he shot and killed himself. Good Riddance.

A Serial Killer In The Midwest?

Anyone who has heard about the murders in Delphi, Indiana involving Abigail Williams and Liberty German may be thinking to themselves ‘hmm, this seems familiar?’ – there’s a reason, it is eerily similar to a case from 2012 involving Elizabeth Collins and Lyric Cook who were riding their bikes near downtown Evansdale,Iowa Months later their bodies were recovered by hunters at Seven Bridges Park in Bremer County. Both sets of young girls were alone on trails when they were kidnapped, murdered and left in the woods – BOTH on the 13th of the month. Abigail and Libby were dropped off near the Monon High Bridge to go hiking on February 13, 2017. This is the last time they were seen alive  – their bodies were found the next day. In the video above you can see the person of interest in the delphi murders. The photo from a video taken by the girls on their cellphone before their death. If you turn on your audio/volume you can hear him speaking. Please please please call 911 or the delphi murder tipline 844-459-5786 if you have any tips/information. Thank you!