Where is Ember Graham, Vincent Moore and DeOrr Jay Kunz Jr?

The 3 children who all went missing in the middle of July 2015 are all STILL missing with no real leads or clues as to what happened to them :( It is absolutely breaking my heart that it’s been over 2 years now and still nothing. Please if you have any information on these cases, call 1-800-THE-LOST or 911 NOW!!

3 Babies Missing Since July 2015, 2 Years Later They Are STILL LOST!

On July 2, 2015 a beautiful 3 month old baby girl named Ember  Graham was  last seen with her father. Her father was shot and killed by police not too long after that. Ember has never been found. Her pacifier was located on the side of a road, though.



July 10, 2015 little 2 and a half year old DeOrr Jay Kunz Jr. went missing during a camping trip near Leadore, Idaho called Timbercreek Campground.




Vincent Moore was last seen leaving his fathers house in Wichita Kansas on July 11, 2015. He remains missing as well.



I didn’t get much sleep last night. Infact – I didn’t even lay down until after 6AM. I was back up by 11AM but I was awake most of that time. Still, I feel pretty good. I’m about to take my night dose of pills and I’m watching season 2 of Beverly Hills 90210 on my hulu trial. I think I will work on my site tonight too and perhaps play some neopets :-) It’s rare that I feel okay. Even rarer if I have a  bit of energy/feel happy/calm/relaxed. Ah the life of chronic illness and pain. *sigh*. Enough moaning and groaning! Anyways, I watched part 1 of 3 of Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery on DiscoveryID tonight. I cannot imagine harming that precious little girl with the big eyes and cherub face. I think Casey Anthony is extremely dangerous/sociopathic. I can’t even fathom that her and OJ Simpson have teamed up together to do a new reality show. The state of our country/world is sad nowadays. The amount of rational people in the USA is dwindling. Scary stuff. Don’t even get me started on the chemical attack in syria. Watching those video clips of the dead children being taken away in the back of trucks and other children gasping and being hosed down. None of God’s children should ever have to suffer anything like that, well…they shouldn’t have to suffer at all, ever, if we’re being honest. The news is so sad most of the time and yet I can’t stop reading and watching it and I’m not even sure why. It’s 1AM so it’s now Monday, and I think a full moon is tomorrow night too. That’s all for now, pray for all those in pain. Thank you and God Bless <3

My Big Fat Fabulous Life

So, I’m watching last nights new episode of Whitney’s show on tlcgo.com. (https://www.tlcgo.com/my-big-fat-fabulous-life/whitney-calls-in-backup/). I feel like the battles on the show are getting a little old. First the lame comedian, and now trophy wife dance class. I haven’t liked either of the girls. I wish the show was more like how it was in season one. However, I am still a major fan. I love her laugh and her amazing friends and awesome parents. Glen and Babs, anyone? :-)

Spoons please!?

I slept from around midnight until 7AM. I slept petty decently I think. I have a slight headache but otherwise nothing too unbearable. Heating pad on my back for warmth…..ahhh the life of a person with chronic illness! I have Idiopathic Intracranial Hypertension. Right now I’m just trying to stay upbeat even though my family members do everything they can to prevent it. I miss my pets who have gone to rainbow bridge. I hate change. I like the way things used to be.

I checked the mail but no freebies for me today, darnit!!!!

Six Word Saturday

Surviving by binge watching  youtube vids!

I’ve been passing away the past weeks worth of time by watching youtube videos. If it wasn’t for youtube I would have had a nervous breakdown this past week I am sure. So much going on. Physically. Mentally. And my laptop gets sent away monday to be fixed i’ll be internet-less and that’s my WHOLE world. sad, but true.