DeOrr Kunz Jr: Missing Idaho Toddler

On July 10, 2015 at Timbercreek Campground in Leadore, Idaho this little blonde haired boy went missing. There are pretty much zero leads as to where he is now. It has been almost two years and nobody has stood trial for his¬†disappearance. Many groups and pages have been made on facebook, some stuck around and others were deleted. People are pretty much divided into two teams – Team A: Pro-Klein Investigations & Consulting or Team B: Family Supporter, there are some ¬†that fall into other categories such as those who only support one half of little man’s family (the dad’s side or the mother’s side). My gut gives me a bad feeling when I hear Jessica (his mother), her mother and her grandfather talk about DeOrr – it is a feeling I do NOT get when I hear the kunz side speak. There are a lot of fake profiles and a lot of mud slinging taking place between those who are in the public and still wondering what happened to this child? As of 7/10/15 (the last day his family claims to have seen him) he was age 2 1/2, 30 pounds, 3FT tall, Blonde bushy hair, hazel eyes, and wearing a diaper, cowboy boots (3 sizes too big), checkered socks (dark), an airplane/cloud t-shirt, blue pj bottoms and a zippered camo hoodie. He would now be 4 years old.