It’s Been Awhile….

Sorry for the lack of posting the past couple of months. I have gone through a lot during that time. The biggest thing was losing my dog Dandy (age 14). I am trying to dig myself out of this deep depression….but it’s a slow going process so please bear with me :-)

Right now there is an Amber Alert going on.

Bracie Schivers (age 1, white female)

On August 4, 2017 the parental rights were removed from the suspects dueto

evidence of child

endangerment. They are believed to be traveling in the listed vehicle. Both suspects are known to be heavy substance abusers. The child is believed to be in immediate danger.

Vehicle Information

    • Make:
    • Chevrolet
    • Model:
    • C15
    • Year:
    • 2011
    • Color:
    • White
    • License plate:
    • BQQ657
    • License state:
    • OK


3 Babies Missing Since July 2015, 2 Years Later They Are STILL LOST!

On July 2, 2015 a beautiful 3 month old baby girl named Ember  Graham was  last seen with her father. Her father was shot and killed by police not too long after that. Ember has never been found. Her pacifier was located on the side of a road, though.



July 10, 2015 little 2 and a half year old DeOrr Jay Kunz Jr. went missing during a camping trip near Leadore, Idaho called Timbercreek Campground.




Vincent Moore was last seen leaving his fathers house in Wichita Kansas on July 11, 2015. He remains missing as well.


A Child’s Skeletal Remains Located In Idaho

Late last night I saw this – a child’s skeletal remains located in a badger hole in Mountain Home, Idaho. Age 1-5. Not native american. This is all they know so far, as well as that no clothing  was found. Waiting to hear what child this is. It’s so hard, I can’t imagine loved ones of missing children waiting to hear if it’s their child. It has to be the absolute worst feeling in the world. I just can’t even fathom it.

A Serial Killer In The Midwest?

Anyone who has heard about the murders in Delphi, Indiana involving Abigail Williams and Liberty German may be thinking to themselves ‘hmm, this seems familiar?’ – there’s a reason, it is eerily similar to a case from 2012 involving Elizabeth Collins and Lyric Cook who were riding their bikes near downtown Evansdale,Iowa Months later their bodies were recovered by hunters at Seven Bridges Park in Bremer County. Both sets of young girls were alone on trails when they were kidnapped, murdered and left in the woods – BOTH on the 13th of the month. Abigail and Libby were dropped off near the Monon High Bridge to go hiking on February 13, 2017. This is the last time they were seen alive  – their bodies were found the next day. In the video above you can see the person of interest in the delphi murders. The photo from a video taken by the girls on their cellphone before their death. If you turn on your audio/volume you can hear him speaking. Please please please call 911 or the delphi murder tipline 844-459-5786 if you have any tips/information. Thank you!

DeOrr Kunz Jr: Missing Idaho Toddler

On July 10, 2015 at Timbercreek Campground in Leadore, Idaho this little blonde haired boy went missing. There are pretty much zero leads as to where he is now. It has been almost two years and nobody has stood trial for his disappearance. Many groups and pages have been made on facebook, some stuck around and others were deleted. People are pretty much divided into two teams – Team A: Pro-Klein Investigations & Consulting or Team B: Family Supporter, there are some  that fall into other categories such as those who only support one half of little man’s family (the dad’s side or the mother’s side). My gut gives me a bad feeling when I hear Jessica (his mother), her mother and her grandfather talk about DeOrr – it is a feeling I do NOT get when I hear the kunz side speak. There are a lot of fake profiles and a lot of mud slinging taking place between those who are in the public and still wondering what happened to this child? As of 7/10/15 (the last day his family claims to have seen him) he was age 2 1/2, 30 pounds, 3FT tall, Blonde bushy hair, hazel eyes, and wearing a diaper, cowboy boots (3 sizes too big), checkered socks (dark), an airplane/cloud t-shirt, blue pj bottoms and a zippered camo hoodie. He would now be 4 years old.

Connecticut Amber Alert ~ Paisley Miles age 2

  • Issued for: Connecticut
  • AMBER Alert: 12204

Paisley Miles

No photo available

Vehicle Information

    • Make:
    • Chevrolet
    • Model:
    • Malibu
    • Year:
    • 1995-1999
    • Color:
    • Gray
    • License state:
    • CT

The child was taken by her father who was last seen operating the listed vehicle. Possible destination is Brooklyn, New York.

Elizabeth Thomas & Tad Cummins

Elizabeth Thomas is STILL missing. She was taken by suspect Tad Cummins. Her ex-teacher. It is pretty sick and twisted what this scum bag has done to her mind. I believe she thinks she’s in love with him. It is really concerning. She’s even updated her instagram page to say married since she went missing. Tennessee authorities have released surveillance video footage and photos of the two on the run. To the left is a pic of the two in a Walmart in Oklahoma shortly after going missing. As you can see he has dyed his facial hair, and she appears to have dyed her blonde hair to red. I feel that Elizabeth is still alive. She does not look like she was in Walmart with him against her will. I feel they are hiding out somewhere, perhaps in Mexico? Who knows. It has been long enough they could literally be anywheres at this point. I have no idea if he realized the serious trouble he could face if caught. He is now listed on the TBI’s top ten most wanted list. <— Please consider printing out this flier and putting it up in your local stores and hospitals, etc. The sooner we catch this criminal the better chance of Elizabeth being found alive.