Sara Anne Wood (left) was 12 years old on the day she went missing, August 18, 1993. She was last seen riding her mountain bike to her parents house in Frankfort, New York. She was coming home from summer bible school, less than a mile from her house. Lewis Lent Jr was charged with Sara's abduction and murder in 1996. He plead guilty to the murder of 12 year old James Bernardo too (1990, Massachusetts). Sara's remains have never been found. Lewis Lent (serial killer) Sentenced to life in prison without parole in Massachusetts, 1995.

Heidi M. Allen (right) was working as a clerk at the D&W Convenience Store in New Haven, NY in 1994. Her last transaction that day was at 7:42AM. She has not been seen since. Richard Thibodeau was charged with her kidnapping, as was his brother Gary. He is expected to be released in 2020 (which is scary how soon that is now). Heidi was only 18 years old.

From left to right: William Tyrrell (Australia), Ember Graham (California) and Deorr Kunz (Idaho).

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Lisa Irwin has been missing a lot of years now, and Arianna Fitts (right) is still missing as well. Her mother was found murdered. No clues as to where little Arianna may be :(

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